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(3) 72 Watt Shallow Water Dock Lights - 40 ft cable - Aqua

Loomis LED

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3- 24 led 72 watt shallow water dock lights with single transformer driving all 3 lights
40′  of cable on each light-  18awg  cable per light.
1 – Waterproof IP67 rated Meanwell epoxy embedded transformer  with 5′ power cord.

All three lights are hooked up in series to the single transformer by yourself or electrician, which is then plugged into a standard photo timer or outlet.




Cord Length

40 foot



(3) 20 led shallow water 360 degree underwater dock lights plus transformer

  • Wire: 40 feet  cable
  • Color: Aqua
  • Lumens: 2400 aqua
  • Watts: 60
  • Current: 1.75 Amps

 Warranty: 2 years excludes return shipping.

 Installation Instructions: Lights are wired in series with each other. Transformer positive output feeds positive on light one. Negative on light one goes to positive on light two and continues through each light. Last lights negative returns back to negative on transformer.

Timers or photocells can be added on input side of transformer (ac side).

*All International Orders may require additional shipping charges depending on location.


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