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36 LED Drop Light (12–14.5 vdc) – Battery Hookup - 25 ft cable - Blue

Loomis LED

  • 21995


1 – 36 led epoxy embedded clear acrylic tube
25′-  18 awg heavy duty black rubber seoprene cable
1 – eyelet for attaching float on end
2 – alligator clips for battery attach

(Direct battery hookup only – charging ok)




Cord Length

25 foot


This is presently my most powerful light to date. This light is like no other light out there. 100 watts of led power. This thing is dangerously bright for those of you who want nothing but the baddest, meanest and most blinding light there is all powered by very efficient and powerful 3w leds. I do not know of any other light out there that even comes close to this baby!! Be the first to own my best and brightest light!!


24 led drop light

  • Size: 1.75″ dia. x 6″ long
  • Wire: 18 awg seoprene cable
  • Color: Blue
  • Lumens: 1,800 blue
  • Watts: 60
  • Current: 5 Amps

Warranty: 2 years excludes return shipping.

Installation Instructions: Connect positive and negative leads to battery. Light should not be out of the water longer than 3 minutes for cooling purposes.

*All International Orders may require additional shipping charges depending on location.

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