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4 LED Dock Lights (12 LEDS – 36 Watts Each) w/100Watt Transformer-Green

Loomis LED

  • 27545


(4) – 12 led lightheads mounted in standard 2″ pvc 90 deg. elbows
15′ (ea.) –  22 awg military grade Teflon pair silver or tin coated copper wire
1 – 100 watt transformer with 5′ power cord

Customer supplies:
2″ gray pvc pipe
2″ abs plastic pipe clamps
(all available in electrical aisle of Lowes or Home Depot)





12 led dock mount head

  • Size: 2” standard 90 deg pvc elbow
  • Wire: 15 feet 22awg Teflon pair military grade wire
  • Color: Green
  • Lumens: 1600 green
  • Watts: 36
  • Current: 1.75 Amps

 Warranty: 2 years excludes return shipping.

 Installation Instructions: Lights are wired in series with each other. Transformer positive output feeds positive on light one. Negative on light one goes to positive on light two and continues through light four. Negative on light four returns back to negative on transformer. It is this return length that might need additional 18awg wire to return to transformer.

 Two pipe c-clamps hold pipe to dock or pilings.

 Timers or photocells can be added on input side of transformer (ac side).

*All International Orders may require additional shipping charges depending on location.


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