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Bottom Facing Up Underwater Dock Light (24 leds – 72 watts) 60 watt transformer - Green

Loomis LED

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World’s most powerful Underwater LED dock lights at the lowest cost!

An upgrade from the green monster 18 led light. This light will illuminate a huge area with over 3600 lumens of single wave length 520nm green intense light yet only using 60 watts of power. This light is being underdriven which is a good thing for longevity. The light still puts out 90% of its lumens at this reduced power level. I do this to keep the price low as higher power transformers are very expensive. This light is plug and go. Mount, run cable and plug in. It does not get any easier.


1 – head mounted in 3″ pvc flange
20′,30′ or 40′ –  18 awg heavy duty seoprene black rubber cable
1 – 60 watt transformer with 5′ power cord




Cord Length

20, foot, 30 foot, 40 foot


18 led dock mount head

  • Size: 3” pvc flanged fitting
  • Wire: 20,30 or 40 feet 18 awg heavy duty black rubber seoprene cable
  • Color: Green
  • Lumens: 1,300 green
  • Watts: 54
  • Current: 4.2 Amps

Warranty: 2 years excludes return shipping.

Installation Instructions: Lights can be mounted on side of pole facing out or attached to a brick or similar object for facing up off the bottom. Recommended for deeper water illumination.

Simple installation, no wiring needed just place light in water and plug in.

Timers or photocells can be added on input side of transformer (ac side).

*All International Orders may require additional shipping charges depending on location.



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