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Dock Lights – (2) 9 led heads (27 watts each) w/ 60 watt transformer - White

Loomis LED

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These two lights are mounted facing out from your dock. Green are 1400 lumens each lighthead. Each light will illuminate a wide 140 degree beam anywhere from 10-40 feet depending on water clarity. They are placed on the end of standard 2″ gray pvc pipe and clamped to the dock. Each light has a pair of teflon wires 16 feet long. They are hooked up in series which allows them to be placed next to each other on the same pole or spaced apart up to 20 feet and 5 feet down. The wires connect positive to negative to positive to negative. The red(positive) output of the transformer connects to the first lights positive red wire, the last lights negative wire connects back to the transformers negative black wire. You can add 18awg wire to the run back if needed. Each led in green is 150 lumens, blue 75 and white 200 lumens. All you do is hook up 4 wires(2 positive and 2 negatives to each other and then to the transformer. The transformer is outdoor rated and features a 5 foot power cord that plugs into any standard 120vac outlet and converts to safe 12vdc. Please call with any questions-Andy 508 524 0296. These will last years underwater with a 2 year guarantee against failure. They must always be underwater for cooling or you will activate high temperature sensors built into the light if they exceed 150f. The plastic starts to melt and the leds die a slow death. My warranty excludes activation of the sensor so please always keep lights underwater or they will overheat out of the water. These will last years upon years if kept in the water at all times- fresh or salt water!

2 – light heads mounted in standard dark gray 2″ pvc 90 deg. elbows
16′(ea.) –  22 awg military grade Teflon pair silver or tin coated copper wire
1 – 60 watt transformer with 5′ power cord

Customer supplies:
2″ gray pvc pipe
2″ abs plastic pipe clamps

(all available in electrical aisle of Lowes or Home Depot)





2 – 9 led dock mount heads

  • Size: 2” standard 45 deg. pvc elbow
  • Wire: 12 feet 22awg Teflon pair military grade wire
  • Color: White
  • Lumens: 3,600 white
  • Watts: 54
  • Current: 4.2 Amps

Warranty: 2 years excludes return shipping.

Installation Instructions: Both light head’s positive wires connect to positive output of transformer. Both light head’s negative wires connect to negative output of transformer.

Two 1.5″ pipe c-clamps hold pipe to dock or pilings.

Timers or photocells can be added on input side of transformer (ac side).

*All International Orders may require additional shipping charges depending on location.

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