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LED 6 Cree XML Boat gigging light, 60 watts, 7200 lumens

Loomis LED

  • 19995

This is one really powerful light that will light up a whole football field at night! There is not much out there to compare to. This is the brightest light I have ever made-A full 7200 lumens of intense white light. Direct hookup to a battery or switch-12-12.5vdc only. Non charging battery. I can do charging-just call. I will have options to mount this out of the water also coming soon. The light is 60 watts or 10 watts for each cree xml. The XML is Cree’s most powerful led made. There are medium reflectors on each led and everything is embedded in crystal clear resin. Teflon cable is standard. Roughly 15 feet supplied. It it housed in a standard 3 inch pvc tube. Light draws 5-6amps at 12vdc. A deep cycle battery will last for days. Replace the generators and halogens with leds and enjoy quiet, no smoke or hazardous voltages. Call with any questions. This is a very, very powerful light-kinda like the sun!! Not designed for out of water use.

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Flood (48° beam), No Reflector, Spot (38° beam)

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