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LED 6 Cree XML L2, 60watts/7200 lumens! Non charging battery. Out of water use only.

Loomis LED

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This is one really powerful light that will light up a whole football field at night! There is not much out there to compare to. This is the brightest light I have ever made-A full 7200 lumens of intense white light. Direct hookup to a battery or switch-12-13.5vdc only. Non charging battery. High quality aluminum reflector optics are used to make use of the huge amount of lumens generated.  Teflon cable is standard, 22 feet supplied. It it housed in a standard 3 inch pvc tube with lexan unbreakable lens. Light draws 4-6amps at 12-13.5vdcvdc. A deep cycle battery will last for days. No electronics to fail!!! The wire controls the current-real simple-do not shorten cable! Replace the generators and halogens with leds and enjoy quiet, no smoke or hazardous voltages. This is a very, very powerful light-kinda like the sun!! Out of water use only. 

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Flood (48° beam), No Reflector, Spot (38° beam), Spot/Flood combo-4flood,2spot

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