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LED Casting light, 12 watts-800 lumens, deep submersible, rechargeable lithium ion battery- Green

Loomis LED

  • 8995


2 Brand new LG 3400mah rechargeable batteries

1  dual wall charger

Light, 2 foam tubes (one float, one sinking), and #64 heavy duty black rubber bands to attach floats.

All stainless steel top quality components




World first underwater, portable, deep submersible, high intensity, auto sink/auto float on or off bottom, true casting portable fishing light. The light has (4) 3watt leds for a total of 12 watts and 800 true lumens in green. Tough acrylic lens and fully epoxy embedded solid aluminum light head with through hole direct water cooling. Custom heavy duty battery pack holds (1) 18650 brand new LG 3400mah rechargeable battery for 1 hour, full intensity run time and 1500 recharge cycles. Dual battery wall charger and 2 new LG top quality batteries included. This light can be used off the beach, piers, boats, pools, kayaks, and anywhere a fully waterproof, self powered high intensity light source in various colors is needed. Can also be trolled-unlimited uses for this “One of a Kind” crazy and very versatile light. Recommended minimum 15lb fishing line. 2 batteries will last most of the night. Size is 1″ x 6″ tube, weight around 5oz with battery. Casting range well over 150+ feet depending on rod and line. Typical spinning reel and 15-20lb line will approach 200 feet or more casting distance.

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