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Underwater Portable, 30watts/1500lumens, deep submersible, rechargeable lithium ion battery throw & go light- Green

Loomis LED

  • 15995


4 Brand new Samsung 2600mah rechargeable batteries

2  dual wall chargers

Light, foam pads, counterweight and plug

Custom water tight battery back

You supply 1/8″-3/16″ diameter paracord (recommended)-5 dollars at HD/Lowes for 50′.




World first underwater, portable, deep submersible, high intensity, auto sink/auto float off bottom, true throw and go portable fishing light. The light has (10) 3watt leds for a total of 30watts. 1500 true conservative lumens in green. Unbreakable lexan lens and fully epoxy embedded solid aluminum lighthead with through hole direct water cooling. Custom watertight battery pack holds (4) 18650 brand new samsung 2600mah rechargable batteries for 2-3hrs runtime and 1500 recharge cycles. 2 wall chargers to charge 4 batteries included. Special foam padding on both sides of battery holder protect from very hard landings such as a beach or shallow water accident. Special counterweights added during assembly allows light to automatically float facing up once it hits the bottom.  Light is designed to be thrown up to 100 feet by attaching 1/8″ paracord to lighthead. When light hits the water, it sinks at a 1-2 feet per minute rate until it hits the bottom. It always lands facing up due to the special floatation design-like a weeble wobble-it will always point up. Very hard to get stuck as you pull from the head. This is a truly incredible light-nothing we can find anywhere like it. It lights up a 30 foot circle easily down around 10-15′ deep. You can drop this down hundreds of feet due to a high pressure expansion plug on the rear which is tightened by a large wingnut and is corrosion proof. You supply the cord which can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot for less than 5 dollars with a spool. Too many cool colors to choose from!! This light can be used off the beach, piers, boats, pools, kayaks, and anywhere a fully waterproof, self powered high intensity light source in various colors is needed.

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