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PLASH | RGBW Bluetooth™ LED Light Controller - Waterproof


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PlashLights® waterproof Bluetooth® controller is operated via a mobile phone app to turn on/off,  adjust the brightness or color, choose a specific color, and change preset color patterns. There are a variety of pre-programmed lighting patterns to choose from. The operation is very simple with your devices control (IOS or Android).  Your device (ie. phone) is not needed when a switch is installed as the lights will defer to the last setting when powered on.  Example:  If you have them on a blue strobe pattern and turn the power of at a switch or the Perko, when power is applied at a later date the lights will be on blue strobe.  Basically, your device/phone is only required to change the color or patterns.


  • Requires download of PlashLights® APP (FREE)
  • Bluetooth ® 5.2 for better connectivity and longer usable BT distance
  • Completely redesigned for minimal (if any) RF interference, upgraded to the highest quality components available for longevity and dependability
  • Ability to "delete" previous connected devices
  • Semi-transparent cover so you can see when it connects and the function that it is on.
  • Easily control and synchronize up to 20A of RGB or RGBW lighting. (that's up to 60ft of our high output flexible strip lighting)
  • Integrated Memory Function.  This means the device (phone, etc) is only required to change the color/pattern.  Example: if you leave it on blue then turn it off the next time you turn it on it will be on blue.
  • Provides the ability to dim, change colors, choose pre-programmed patterns, create custom patterns, increase/decrease speed, and "go to the music."
  • One controller equals one zone.  With multiple controllers you can easily sync zones or control independently. You also have the ability to rename the zone.
  • Simple to mount with a tab on each side
  • IP67 Rated Enclosure = Waterproof
  • Compatibility: BlueTooth 5.2® (BlueTooth® devices 4.0 or above)
  • Supports mobile phone system: IOS 6.0 & Android 4.3 or above
  • Operating Input Voltage: 12~24V DC
  • Output: 18AWG  / 5 Conductor (Black[V+], Red[-], Green[-], Blue[-], White[-] not used if using RGB, the white wire is only for RGBW lights)
  • Software Language: English
  • Control Distance: 900 feet max (100ft+ is realistic. Metal will weaken signal)
  • Size: 3-13/16" long x 1-1/4" tall x 1-15/16" wide
  • Working temperature: - 4°F to 145°F
  • Instructions included in package and on APP


  • Control multiple zones with multiple controllers as they will all sync together (each controller is sold separately).


    1. Do not place RGBW controller inside a metal container as it will block the signal.
    2. Double check your incoming voltage as this controller CANNOT accept reverse polarity, AC voltage, or DC voltage over 24V. Reverse Polarity Protection and Over-Temperature Protection was removed in part to eliminate the noise interference.  Do not short circuit the wiring or overload the controller as it will cause irreversible damage to the controller.
    3. This controller will operate both normal RGB (Red, Green, & Blue) and RGBW (RGB + White). If using RGB then the white output wire will not be used.



    RGBW Instruction Manual PlashLights

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