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Bobo ladder - Better On-board - 1-1/2" Stainless Steel Polished Handles-Boat Grab Bar


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Ever struggled with getting back into your boat after you've entered the water? Our Slide-In Handles work with your ladder to help you get out of the water with ease and support.

Feel the difference when you are able to avoid crawling on the deck or grasping for an ineffective handhold. 

Whether you're young, young at heart, or any age in between, you will enjoy the ease of re-entry that Bobo Ladder's Slide-In Handles can provide.

The best part? When you're done with fun in the sun, simply slide the handles out of your ladder, and store your ladder normally. 

Our high quality products have been designed with the boater in mind; your main concern should be how much fun you can have in the sun, not how well will your handles hold up.

Our stainless steel design helps prevent rusting. The overcoat material helps ensure a good grip and reduces heat intake for cooler to the touch climbing. The attached floats keep the Slide-In Handles afloat if accidentally dropped in the water.

We have you covered for a better boating experience... get back in the water, and back to the fun, today!

After an initial hardware installation, Bobo Ladders Slide-In Handles insert into the top of your current ladder without fastening or tools.

Watch our hardware installation video to see how easy our installation process is.




- 31" Overall length Polished Stainless Steel

- 1 -1/2” One (1) left side handle

- 1 -1/2” One (1) right side handle

- Two (2) blue floats

- One (1) Hardware Kit

- Instruction and Owner's Manual

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