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Marine Dock & Boat - 35" H x 13" W - Hand Rail - Grab Bar - For Steps/Stairs

Marine Fiberglass Direct

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This 35" aluminum metal handrail/grab bar is great for all types of outdoor marine applications. You can use it on your boat, dock, hot tub, pool and anywhere else you want a little extra support. This handrail is made by Marine Fiberglass Direct and it uses two 3-1/2" base plates that will fit on a 2x4 with no overlapping. There are three anchor points on each pad. You can use stainless screws or stainless bolts for any type of application.

You can use this around fresh water or salt water applications. This handrail is designed to help with safety. It allows safe and easy access to and from a boat or dock, making it perfect for all marinas, private docks, hot tubs, pools, fueling stations and many more places.

The 8" cut off on one leg is perfect for stairs commonly found on docks, patios, or pools.


High quality 6063-T5 Mill finish aluminum

Approximate height 35” +/- (one leg)

Cut off leg: 8" +/- shorter

½" diameter tube

Approximate center-line width: 11" +/-; Outside approximate width: 12.5" +/-; Inside approximate width: 9.5" +/- . Total approximate outside width of the bottom pads: 14.5" +/-; inside width of the bottom pads: 7.5" +/-

Base: 3 ½" three-screw hole anchor - polished base plate ¼” thick


Need a custom size rail made for your steps or stairs?
Not a problem, use the contact us page and send us a message with the exact dimension you need and we will respond back with a free price quote and estimated time to build.

This handrail is produced solely by Marine Fiberglass Direct and is proudly made in the USA.

*All International Orders may require additional shipping charges depending on location.


Please use the contact us page if you are looking for wholesale information on this product.

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