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Ultimate Golf Cart Lighting Kit

PlashLights (18.2)

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Light Up Your Golf Cart with the Brightest Multi Color RGB LED Lighting Kits. PlashLights Ultimate Golf Cart Light Kits that Fit any Make & Model.  Easy Installation. Plug and Play Connectors. Bluetooth® Controlled with our free PlashLights App which is designed and made 100% in the USA. Our RGB controller is made of the highest quality components and engineered specifically to not cause interference with your stereo like all other RGB controller. Also, new for 2022, the RGB controller now has BT5.2 so you can connect to it from hundreds of feet away.

A 12V source is required.  If using a step down converter (electric carts) you will need to have 15A available for this kit.

The under glow kit is designed to illuminate the area under your cart without shadows and the light source is not to be visible.  We want to make the vehicle look like it is hovering on light.  Each strip is labelled in the bag where they are suggested to be installed and each light has a different length power wire according to its suggested location on the vehicle with a waterproof RGB connector on the end that will plug directly into the splitter from the RGB controller.  Our LED strips are IP68 rated and made from the same material as a baby's pacifier.  They will not turn yellow or get hard or crunchy over time.  You could (and we have) drive over them with a 1 ton truck.  We are the only manufacturer that molds a plug into the light that protect and seals the power wire as well as the solder connection.  Our flexible strip lights are used on salt water boat trailers that are put in and out of the water all the time with no failures so cruising the burbs in your cart will be a walk in the park for these lights. However, you do have to clean them as dirt will dim the lights.

Roof Kits includes a diffuser so that it is a constant glow like neon.  Not "dot dot dot".  We currently offer lighting for two types of roofs.  If you do not have one of the roofs listed below or you are unsure of the roof that you have please contact us.

***ROOF KIT DESIGNED FOR STRETCH PLASTICS (SP) STYLE ROOF*** This type of roof has a continuous "C" shaped aluminum channel at the perimeter that has an opening that faces inwards.  This is where the lights go.  This is a two part kit - LED Strip Lights + Silicone Diffuser.  The LED's are installed from the passenger front pillar clockwise around to the drivers front pillar. No lights are installed in the front as they can blind and distract the driver. The rear support brackets must be removed from the roof (the roof can just sit on them) for the lights to be installed. Once the lights are installed the rear brackets are reinstalled and the silicone diffuser it cut to fit in between the supports.

***ROOF KIT DESIGNED FOR DOUBLE TAKE (DT) STYLE ROOF*** This type of roof has 4 individual extruded aluminum channel's at the perimeter that have two grooves in the channel that face down. The light goes in the outside most groove/opening and is press fitted into this opening. This light will face downwards.  The LED's are installed from the passenger front pillar clockwise around to the drivers front pillar. It will make a clean rounded look at the corner where there is no aluminum and is plenty strong enough to not be supported for these few inches.  No lights are installed in the front as they can blind and distract the driver. It is very important to measure and layout this LED strip first to make sure it is centered before you start installation.  These lights are a tight fit and are not easily removed. If you do have to remove them take your time and be gentle. A hard yank will certainly damage them.  Once installed though, they are protected and should last many years.

See images for items included.  3M tape is included on the under glow lights, but that is only meant for a temporary hold.  GT-2100 silicone (sold separately) is recommended for permanent adhesion.If purchasing your own silicone make sure it is RTV silicone.  Regular silicone will not adhere.  Please call us if you have any questions.

NEW: Optional Key Fob Remote Control Switch for ON/OFF Function.  No need to run a wire to the dashboard when you can use this key fob switch. Included with this key fob is an inline fuse to protect your lights, 9ft of power wire, and battery terminals for easy installation.

* We are constantly improving & modifying this product.  Actual items may differ from images.