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Finding a custom fiberglass electronics box

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If you own a center console boat with a T-Top you are going to want an electronics box for it. They not only help with storage problems on center console boats for water sensitive products but they give that look of sleek style at the same time. Our fiberglass electronics boxes are all made with ounce and a half hand laid fiberglass. They are proudly designed and produced in the United States. Take a look below at some of the styles we offer.

When we are out on the boat cruising the ocean in the ocean there are swells we are constantly going over. The problem I see 90% of the people that come on the boat is they are trying to hold onto the T-Top with one hand and a cell phone with the hand. They have no where to put it because there isn't a whole lot of convenient water free places to put it. That's where the electronics box comes in. Just put down a felt/carpet bottom and everyone loads their cell phones up in it while we cruise. Problem solved. If you have some paperwork, money, watches, etc that you need to lock up while you dock up at a restaurant to go into eat: lock it up in the electronics box where it's water free and secure from peepers walking by on the dock. They are just a couple of many reasons to have an electronics box on your boat. 

Styles we offer at Marine Fiberglass Direct

We manufacturer our own electronics boxes so you won't find these out on the market anywhere else being wholesaled with major sellers. We made our boxes specifically for the people like us instead of buying the 'plain Jane' look that everyone and their cousins have. 

With all of our boxes, you have choose the clear plexi-glass or smoked plexi-glass. You can also choose to add a stainless steel hinge to keep the front door open while driving or stopped.

We offer three different sizes:


The next style we offer is our medium size box:

Medium: 26" x 15" x 12"


The final style we offer is going to be our most popular box is the large size box:

Large: 31" x 16" x 12"


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  • Do you or can you make an electronic box that is about 6" in height?

    Say for example: 30"X 16"X 6"?

    Please let me know. Thanks,
    Hoyt Walbridge

    Hoyt Walbridge on

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