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Angled Jon Boat Aluminum Mud Boat Grab bar

Posted by jonathan fuenmayor on

 "Navigating the Waters with Angled Grab Bars: A Must-Have for Skiffs, Jon Boats, and Aluminum Mud boat "
Are you a proud skiff or mud boat owner? If so, you know that these vessels are perfect for exploring shallow waters and tight spots. But whether you're a seasoned captain or a weekend enthusiast, safety should always be a top priority. That's where angled grab bars come into play!
What is a grab bar on a boat? Safety should never be compromised when enjoying your skiff or mud boat adventures. Angled grab bars are a small investment that can make a big difference in your boating experience. So, equip your boat with these reliable handles and enjoy peace of mind as you explore the waters.

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Custom Grab bar Handrail with rod holder and lateral plate for electronics

Posted by Marine Fiberglass Direct on

This customer was looking to mount his Lowrance GPS chartplotter on a grab bar handrail. We advised the customer that he could purchase one of our in stock units ranging from 35" to 48" or customize his own with specific height dimension locations. The customer chose a custom height, which was confirmed with an approved diagram. Similar customers have chosen the rod holder placement closer to the deck of the boat for bridge clearance reasons. And like any of our grab bar handrails, we provide the option of powder coating. You can find these particular grab bar handrails linked below:...

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