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Aluminum Grab Bar Handrail with Cooler / Fish Box / Step Box Mount Large Base Plate

Posted by Marine Fiberglass Direct on

With all these cooler manufacturers out there today ( Yeti, Engel, Igloo, RTIC, Orca, Ozark, Otterbox, Coleman, and plenty others) creating new features in the good old fashion cooler/fish box you might find yourself needing some extra surface base aluminum material in order to hold the cooler in place while enjoying your time out on the water. These specific grab bar handrails we fabricated are dedicated to these consumers.

We created these cooler / fish box / seat grab bar handrails in two different heights and aluminum base sizes; 36" height with a 14.5" x 10" base:

And 42" height with a 14.5" x 12" base:


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