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The RackIt for Wakeboards, wakeskates, waterskis, and kiteboards

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Growing up on the east coast you can find yourself loving two things; surfing and boating! Well, when there's waves, you hunt for the perfect tube (which rarely exist..) and when it's flat or mushy (which the east coast surf consist mostly of) you fish or find your favorite boating activity. I, like many others, found myself loving both fishing and water activities which brought my boat buying decision down to a game of chess, should I buy a mastercraft, ski natique or moomba for the perfect wakeskate wave and those monster wakeboard wakes?? Or a center console which could potentially lead me to that bull! (Massive Mahi Mahi), fat grouper, those spiny bugs (lobster), delicious scallops..well you get the point! Any individual or family will sit there and ponder at the fact that it's hard for one boat to accomplish all of these activitie! Well, until now! Yes, we at marine fiberglass direct have found the perfect product to solve this problem! ( yes, Product! not boat) which is manufactured by Florida boys concepts! The RackIt is the center console boat owner's dream come true! We have now, eliminated that wasted space, which could potentially carry that VIP who could have either made the next GoPro single shot of the day or potentially end up on the kook slammer Instagram hall of fame! Wakeskate, wakeboard, kiteboard,  or even waterskis, this rack can carry three items in a single rod holder! Easy stow, easy go! So you can enjoy more company and possibly invite that hyperlite or cwb scout ;)

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