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36" Aluminum Hand Rail/Grab Bar - Pool, Hot Tub, Boat, Dock, Transom

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Need a little extra support around your pool, hot tub, boat, ladders, docks or anything else you want to climb in and out of? Don't worry, we have you covered. We have sizes ranging from 12" all the way up to the massive 48" hand rail/grab bar.

For this blog post we are going to just focus on the 36" handrail /grab bar. This is made of high strength aluminum that will give you the support you need anywhere. Our aluminum rail is welded professionally to two pads with pre-drilled holes for you to anchor to anything you want. It could be wood, concrete, PVC deck, starboard, plastic, or anything else sturdy.

You won't have to worry about any type of rust. This is aluminum so it will withstand up to anything you want to throw at it including salt water. That's right! You can install this 36" handrail / grab bar anywhere by the ocean without having to worry about it. Although proper maintenance is always suggested like rinsing off with fresh water to help lengthen the life of your new 36" handrail / grab bar.

To see this rail follow the link to our 36" handrail.
36" Aluminum Handrail
Take a look at the welds at the pad of the rail that attaches to wherever you may want to put this hand rail.
weld aluminum handrail grab bar

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