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Happy Fourth of July!!

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If you grew up or have lived anywhere near or around the water, then you know about the festivities that happen over the weekend of July 4th. Mostly everyone is in a celebratory mood as we commemorate the independence of our great country. Getting out on the water, whether that be on a beach or on your boat, both of which bring memorable times as we spend this holiday with our friends and family. A normal day out on the water is a great day as is, but when you add July 4th to the mix, you get sandbar parties, beach parties, great food, and most of all, the passion of freedom in which our country provides us. The amount of fun that this very special day provides is something that should not be taken for granted, so while you are enjoying your holiday weekend, be sure to go about it safe and respectfully, as we are recognizing and remembering the independence of our country. It is an honor to be apart of this wonderful country we call The United States of America.

Happy Fourth of July!

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