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As you are looking thru our products listed on our website, keep in mind that our products can be used for more than fishing and boating. Even though most of our products are swayed toward those outdoor activities, they can be used for much more if you put your mind to use and be resourceful. All our rails and rod holders can withstand salt water and the salty air that comes along with living near the ocean, which means they can withhold being left outside by your pool, your grill, or as a tool in a handy-mans garage. By giving our rails and other marine fiberglass direct products a good spray down after they have been exposed to the salty environment will only make the products last even longer in salty environment. The uses of our products can go as far as you are willing to create your own ideas and tools.

For an example, let's say you are grilling, eating on the beach, or out camping for the weekend, and you do not have a counter top to filet the monster fish you caught earlier in the day. Well, this is where our products come into play, imagine what you could do with a Marine Fiberglass Direct sand spike rod holder and one of Deep Blue's "multi-system kits," which consist of bait boards that can be placed into any rod holder. With the sand spike rod holder and a multi-system kit, you could combine the two to make a standing table/cutting board which you could place anywhere you choose. By combining the Marine Fiberglass Direct sand spike rod holder and a Deep Blue multi-system kit, you are able to go about the normal duties as you are preparing your catch, or even use it as a table to hold all your cooking supplies. As I was saying, the uses of our products are endless and can be used for many activities other than fishing and boating, as all it takes is a little bit of creativity to transform your so thought one use product into a multi-tool that can be used anywhere you go.

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